Makers Mead Bottle #403 Costermonger's Opulent Opened Amber Pyment Bomb

Bottles! Get your bottles 'ere! Short ones, tall ones, get 'em while you can! Oh, what a fine choice, sir!--er...or maddam! You can't go wrong with this one. I'd choose this one meself!

This Pyment smells of Grape, Red Wine, Honey, and tastes of Brandy, Grape, Red Wine, Honey, right and proper! The Amber on that Nothing topped Bomber bottle really catches your eye, don't it? What's that? Will it get you addled? It is 12.71% alcohol by volume, so take that as you will. You'll buy it? Thank you for your patronage, and farewell.

Oi! Before you go, that drink's been out of the demijohn now 20 whole months! Pop and pour!

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