Bottle (BOTL) Makers Mead Bottle

Up to 1,000 Bottle NFTs are planned for release on the Chia Blockchain. Each NFT represents a 500x500 pixel, hybrid NPR (Non Photorealistic Render) image, which will vary in detail and backdrop. Art will be assigned to an NFT at random, some will be more rare than others.

Bottle NFTMinting Soon™ (July 13th, 2022)

This collection will contain 1,000, 500x500 px, hybrid NPR images; curated but randomly generated from assets produced entirely by Makers Mead, with variables such as bottle type, top, label, and background, and features a single bottle. The target mint date for this collection is July 13th, 2022, but it may be minted earlier.

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Bottle (BOTL) is the name of one of our pre-NFT tokens, which represents an underlying piece of artwork. BOTL holders will receive 1:1 CAT:NFT at mint/distribution, and represents NFT ownership until the such time as this collection has been minted. We will distribute the NFTs to addresses which hold this token as part of the minting/distribution process

What Else Can These Tokens Do?

Each of these tokens represent ownership of an NFT which will be released in the future They also will be used to provide certain perks to holders of these tokens, such as early access to future releases and events, etc.

How to get a Bottle (BOTL)

The Chia Blockchain NFT standard, NFT1 has been finalized! We will be burning the remaining pre-NFT CATs as mint day draws near. Until we burn them all, you may still now buy our pre-NFT tokens in the following ways:

Join our discord server at, and accept any of the available Chia Offers which we have posted there, or accept any Chia Offers which we have posted there. on the following decentralized exchanges:


These offerings have no tangible value. Any and all value which may be ascribed to these offerings is speculative. The Chia Blockchain NFT standard, NFT1 has been finalized! While we have a number of options in regard to where the underlying images will live, we will be hosting them at this website, at the very minimum.