Digital Art Mead Themed Digital Art, Powered by the Chia Blockchain.

Our new digital art offerings will consist of two lines of NFTs released on the Chia Blockchain.

Our Art NFT Collections

We have two collections in the works, Mead (MEAD) and Bottle (BOTL). For more information on each respective collection, click on the links above. Each piece of artwork in these collections has a pre-NFT CAT (Chia Asset Token) representing ownership. Holders of these tokens will receive 1:1 CAT:NFT at mint/distribution, and each token represents NFT ownership until the such time as this collection has been minted. We will distribute the NFTs to addresses which hold these tokens as part of the minting/distribution process.

What Else Can These Tokens Do?

As stated above, each of these tokens represent ownership of an NFT which will be released in the future. They also will be used to provide certain perks to holders of these tokens, such as early access to future releases and events, etc. What hasn't sold of these CATs will be burned prior to mint day.


These offerings have no tangible value. Any and all value which may be ascribed to these offerings is speculative. Furthermore, the Chia Blockchain NFT standard is not yet finished. While we have a number of options in regard to where the underlying images will live, this NFT standard may uncover a more desireable solution.

Our Existing Digital Art

To view our existing digital art, visit our Makers Mead Collection at OpenSea.